Friday, January 22, 2010

You never know who you'll run into

I was working in another store today . . . not my usual store. A customer walks in looking for something to help him lose a little weight. One of our sales associates took care of him. As he approached the register the manager of that store asked me if I noticed his backpack. The customer took it off and it was a Disney College Program bag.

We immediately clicked. And he is eager to finish school so he can go back and work for Disney. I'm not sure in what position he'll be. But you could tell, he "gets it" when it comes to the Disney way.

I was proud to show him the pin I received upon graduating from the Disney Insitute. I also told him I'm signed up for another course in April. It was great to share my love of Disney with someone who equally appreciates what Disney means to many around the world.

"I only hope that we don't lose sight of one thing - that it was all started by a mouse." Walter Elias Disney

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Disney Institute

After our trip to Walt Disney World last July I began to study just how Disney does Disney. What I mean is what makes Disney so great? They are more than shows, music, merchandise and rides. You are totally immersed in an experience. From the paint colors to the contours of the pavement under your feet you enter a world where every sense is completely absorbed by your surroundings.

Instead of booking our next vacation I went online to read reviews and get ideas about the Disney way of doing things. When you want to learn how to be the best it would serve you well to study from the best in the industry. So I have been. That's what my other blog is about. This one I'm going to try and focus just on the things I notice about Disney.

It may ramble. It may be disjointed. It maybe short. It may even be quotes from my favorite ride. Anyway, it's about me and Disney.

I'm headed back to Disney in April. The main purpose for the trip will be to attend the Disney Institute's Approach to Quality Service. I'll be staying at the Boardwalk Inn. This will be my first time to experience the Boardwalk resort. My first experience with DI was at the Beach Club Resort. These two resorts are considered Deluxe Resorts by Disney. Service is top notch. Luxuries are at your fingertips or just a phone call away. Fortunately, they have a great room rate along with the course. I wouldn't be able to afford it otherwise.

I spoke of the main purpose. I may have time to get on a ride or two. I will probably take in a meal or two. I already have reservations.